About Us

The Anderson Innovation Center is a privately-owned innovation park, housing some of the most bleeding edge Aerospace, Defense, Energy, and Advanced Transportation technologies anywhere.

The AIC is currently interviewing potential tenants to become a part of this exciting new center in Anderson, Indiana, where we believe that the future of Anderson, of Indiana, and of the USA rests with pure and true innovation.

The AIC currently houses the following tenants:

The AIC offers:

  •          Advanced engineering and CAD services
  •          CNC manufacturing
  •          Entrepreneurial consulting and networking
  •          Low-cost, heated, air-conditioned mfg. and R&D space
  •          Indoor and outdoor test facilities
  •          Conference rooms

If your company is on the bleeding edge of technology in the fields listed above, please contact the AIC at info@AndersonInnovationCenter.com to begin a conversation to explore the possibilities.